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The Correlator of the Phase-Shift Keyed Signals with Use of Wavelet-Packet Decomposition


E.M. Lobov, T.K. Boletskaya

Now wavelets are widely applied both to the analysis, and for synthesis of signals. The application of wavelet-correlators, that is devices using for detection of signals their wavelet-packet decomposition is of interest. However it is difficult to realize in practice existing schemes of wavelet-correlators. In the present work is shown, that the calculation of correlation function in a wavelet-packet spectrum can be replaced by the calculation of usual correlation function of a registered signal and special basic signal. Thus, the wavelet-correlator can be realized practically as the usual correlator and, hence, it can be applied in standard devices. The universal algorithm of construction of a basic signal not dependent from a kind of wavelet both used set of levels and nodes of wavelet-packet decomposition is found. It is shown, that the efficiency of the wavelet-correlator is not worse than efficiency of the usual correlator. The use of the wavelet-correlator allows to speed up search of a signal in the channel of communication and to facilitate synchronization on time by standard methods. The wavelet-correlator can be especially convenient for detection of signals synthesized with the help of wavelet-packet multiplexing
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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