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The Analysis of the Characteristics of the Adaptive System with Choice of the Optimum Frequency and Coding


V.V. Serov

In persisting article is considered communications network on channel with Rayleigh flat fading, in which for increasing noise proof factor is used frequency and time redundancy. For increasing of frequency energy efficiency are used forward error correction codes, which allow to get the desired advantages in noise-immunity. One of the most efficient methods of the building communications network on channel with fading is a system with adaptive choice of the frequency on transmission. Using the FEC codes in such system allows to perfect her energy features. The Specific characteristic of such system is need of the account presence to correlations fading in units symbol to coded sequence. The Way calculation and modeling are received dependencies to probability of the error from relations signal/noise in specified system when use convolution code with interleaving. Results are received for system with correlated fading units symbol to coded sequence. Got dependencies allow quantitative to value energy features of the adaptive system and can be used for practical calculation.
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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