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Vector Synthesis of an Antenna Array of Dipoles Crossed over a Sphere


S. E. Mishchenko, A. V. Starchenko

A method of vector sysnthesis of antenna arrays of crossed meridional dipoles placed over a perfectly conducting sphere is proposed. The method allows solving the synthesis problem as a multicriterion optimization problem or a set of scalar synthesis problems, having recuirements on a vector radiation pattern. In the latter case, at solving the scalar synthesis problems, we take into account the fact that in principal planes of the sphere cross-polarization components of the vector radiation pattern are absent. Possibilities of using each of these approaches are connected with a sphere radius (or, more generally, with the Gaussian curvature of the surface). On the base of results of numerical experiments it was found that, from the point of view of solution quality, both approaches are close to each other if antenna aperture size is comparable with the sphere radius (or with the curvature radius of the normal cross section along which the synthesized antenna is oriented). If this condition is obeyed, the vector synthesis problem can be considered as a set of independent scalar problems whose solutions provide forming the vector radiation pattern.
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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