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Influence of Rereflections at Input Circuit of the Reflection Amplifier for Microwave Signals on its Characteristics


A.P. Venguer, G.N. Il’in

Presented article is the result of a research work with one-port transistor amplifier circuit (OPTA) using a transistor with positive series feed back. The interpretation of physical process leaking at input circuit and its effect for gain and noise figure of OPTA was the principal subject of this work. Influence of input rereflections of electromagnetic signals for gain coefficient and noise figure are described in detail. Important results for the stability amplification and generation mode was received. Conditions for the stable work deduced. More accurate definition of the rereflection influence at analytical expressions for gain and noise figure was received. The experimental curve of steadiness for amplifier parameters depending on the source mode for a transistor was result. Low power consumption is the important consequence for this type of an amplifier. It were show at previous articles and we can see from curves at this work too. Relative narrowity of frequency band (510%f0) is shortage for this device type. However on other parameters like amplification on transistor, own noises, power consumption, dynamical range (it showed at one of previous article) and at last on simplicity of the realization, one-port transistor amplifier can make up competition for straight-through amplifiers at same ranges.
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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