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The Experimental Research of Possibility of Detection of the Purposes on the Background of Spreading Surface in Radar-Tracking Systems with Polarizing Processing the Information


E.V. Burdanova, A.P. Denisov, A.A. Luchin, I.I. Oleynik, A.I. Sinani

In a basis of the decision of a problem of detection of the purpose on a background of spreading surface, in systems from polarizing processing the information, distinctions of statistical properties of the signals reflected from the purposes and spreading surface are put. The entrance signal is submitted as a polarizing vector of dispersion formed from a polarizing matrix of dispersion. The law of distribution of polarizing vectors of dispersion is supposed Gauss. Statistical properties of polarizing vectors of dispersion of the purposes and are submitted to spreading surface the certain characteristics of the appropriate areas of localization which distinctions are preconditions for construction of deciding rules of detection of the purpose on a background of spreading surface. Deciding rule is based on construction of the relation of plausibility in which the current estimations of parameters of distribution - a vector of average values and covariant a matrix are used. The variant of construction of deciding rule is considered in case of an one-item location, at the combined transmitting and reception aerials. Thus, covariant a matrix singular, by virtue of equality of two elements of a polarizing vector of dispersion. For decrease of dimension of initial space the method of the analysis main a components is used. Decision making is carried out with application of criterion Neumann - Person. Application of this criterion is caused by that in this case there is no aprioristic information on probabilities of conditions and losses at acceptance of decisions. Results of experimental researches on detection of the purposes on a background of the spreading surface, spent with use of a breadboard model of a radar station with full polarizing sounding are given. As the purposes were used, structures and the ground objects which are taking place within the limits of sector of scanning of the aerial of a radar station. By way of illustration polarizing distinctions of spreading surface and the purposes, areas of localization of polarizing vectors of dispersion as projections of areas of distribution of vectors to material components orts polarizing basis of the aerial of a breadboard model of a radar station are given.

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