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The Method of Resolution of Multiple Lumped Targets


А. А. Chizhov

In present day actual there is a problem of multiple lumped targets resolution on an interval of coherent sounding in the radiolocation channel with reflection. Questions of increase the efficiency of procedures estimation quantitative structure of such targets are especially problematic at typical signal-noise ratio. Generalization of a considered problem is the inverse problem of dispersion reduced to abstract Fredgolm equation of the first sort and concerning to, so-called, incorrect problems. The purpose of article – to prove a method of the decision of a inverse problem of a radiolocation with reference to a considered case estimation a radar profile of the multiple lumped target. Basic features of an offered resolution method are the following: – to overcome impropriety factor of inverse problem transition from model of a portrait of the purpose in the form of an element complex Hilbert spaces to its projection on basic n-dimensional subspace is carried out; – dimension of basic space consistently increases according to the multinet approach; – the basis of basic subspace is set on the basis of the aprioristic information; – the quantity of the single purposes as a part of the group is defined by comparison of modules maximum of probability estimations of their factors of dispersion with threshold values which pay off for each realisation echosignal proceeding from a priori set basis basic subspace. In article analytical expressions for probably characteristics of radar profiles of the multiple lumped target, determining potential opportunities of a method are received, and also the results of the imitating modeling confirming adequacy of received analytical estimations and high comparative efficiency of offered decisions are given. From theoretic point of view it is important that when n=1 under the proposed method signal processing degenerates into standard procedures of detection and measurement signal parameters of point target.
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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