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Fractal Property Investigation of Unintentional Active Interference in the Operating HF Radar Channels


A. L. Dzvonkovskaya

The self-similarity property estimates are obtained for the experimental time series of unintentional interference in the chosen high-frequency (HF) radar wideband channels. The estimation is conducted using several techniques to evaluate the Hurst parameter. The persistence of the series is proved by the Hurst parameter being more than 1/2. The Hurst parameter dynamics is considered using different integration time, which is necessary to detect targets and to measure the sea surface state. These new techniques are used to develop new algorithms of HF radar adaptation to electromagnetic environment. A hard load of HF-band leads to the main HF radar problem, i.e. the HF radar operates at narrowband channels and therefore has relatively low range resolution. To operate using broadband channels with width  5 kHz and to improve the range resolution, it is necessary to monitor HF electromagnetic spectrum to search for such channels that have a low interference level. The fractal technique development for radar and radiophysics information processing is of interest to use them for electromagnetic environment analysis like a dynamical system analysis that contributes in the HF radar operation. We use the first trial to apply the fractal analysis technique for investigation and fractal characteristics estimation for active interference in HF band.

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