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Synthesis of sound composite sequences by neural computer


I. V. Stepanian, V. D.Tsygankov, G. A. Igin

In the Soviet Union Virtual neural computer «EMBRION»-type, which experienced and designs are practical use in aircraft, vehicle-creating and industrial robotics was developed. It is also promising to build management systems for nano robots, to create a quantum computer, as well as for instrumentation diagnostics and therapies in medicine. Using in this neural computer neurophysiological principles of neural organization and functional systems of brain allowed to use it in the humanitarian sphere of creating tasks synthesis of sound composite sequences. For implementation of sound synthesis series on sensory input of neural computer information fileds in the form of visual image, such as photos. At every entrance neural computer synthesized their own original melody, which is in line with neural computers subjective identification of the image. Associative neural network, urgently mobilized by sensory visual signals from the artificial eye , their parallel output the flow of excitation pulses activates second level neural network that is a network of motoneurons. Being connected to a block of knowledge which created with musical expert database as a set of notes, chords types of instruments, rules synthesis of musical sound, the network of motoneurons generates and issues in the executive branch of the output parallel stream of pulses. In this publication given flowchart musical complex, established on the basis of neural computer «EMBRION» containing a block of knowledge; indicated the presence of several levels of a hierarchy memory of neural computer; given of the domestic neural world as a dynamic activity of internal memory register; given examples of specific types of virtual associative and motoneurons networks, their rhythms; described the bloc of knowledge building principles. Neural computer complex implemented in a emulator, accessible via a music interface on the web at

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