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Modular PID-Neurocontroller with the Expanded Functionalities


N. I. Chervyakov, T. A. Rudakova, A. A. Yevdokimov, V. F. Lubencov, M. A Ospishhev

In the article «Modular PID-neurocontroller with the expanded functionalities» the architecture of a nonlinear PID-regulator which is realized on the basis of the neural networks functioning in residue number system is submitted. For load decrease on dynamic parts of system, and in particular on object, and also for the control over an operating mode of a regulator (the normal mode or a mode of saturation) is entered the restrictor on an output of a regulator. Due to adjustment of factors of a regulator and introduction of a zone of tolerance for an input the necessary balance between required speed and its sensitivity a component of noise in a signal e (k) mistakes of regulation is achieved. Remarkable properties have been received due to overlapping the functional converter on an input of the PID-regulator with the converter of number from a binary number system to the residue number system, and also the restrictor on output of the PID-regulator with the converter from modular representation in position representation. The rational scheme of overlapping of not modular procedures has been received only due to realization of a regulator in logic basis of neural network.

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