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Self-оrganization Maps with CRT-Like Structure


N. I. Chervyakov, A. A. Yevdokimov

In the given paper one more proof of expediency and efficiency of construction of artificial intellect systems on the basis of processing information model in residue number system is submitted. In the beginning of article the analysis of the mechanism of information coding in coordinate cells of a brain which allow animals and people to be guided on a plane is submitted. The data on position of the subject on a plane are spatially shared between several independent neural networks, similarly to share of numbers under the Chinese remainder theorem. Modular coding will allow us to define precisely the site, and possesses a high noise stability. Further in work on the basis of the lead analysis Kohonen map shared on modular principle is offered, possessing quantity neurons twice it is less, than at an original network. Thus the information capacity modular Kohonen map is not less, than at an original network. The suggested updating of Kohonen map will be coordinated to physical processes in a brain.

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