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Choice of RNS Bases for Realization of Modular PID-Neurocontroller


N.I. Chervyakov, T.A. Rudakova, A.A. Yevdokimov, V.F. Lubencov, M.A. Ospishev

In the article «Choice of RNS bases for realization of modular PID-neurocontroller» results of research of survivability suggested neural-PID-regulator are submitted. Functional survivability of neurocontroller is provided with a choice of a set of the RNS bases. In article it is shown, that use of the bases of residue number system of small size allows to keep the set accuracy of output signal of digital neurocontroller at gradual degradation of its structure. Functional survivability is confirmed with the analysis of gradual degradation of its structure: at the set threshold of required accuracy in 20 bits refusal of two channels results in the termination of functions of the PID-controller with 8th the digit bases; at the same accuracy the controller with chosen on the developed algorithm of search of a set of the RNS bases continues to function at refusal up to four channels. The given property the known PID-regulators functioning both in positional and in not positional number system do not possess. For the reception of a set of the bases providing the greatest functional survivability of neurocontroller, the algorithm of their search is offered. In article the rational sets of the bases for seventeen modified variants of modular PID-neurocontroller are submitted
May 29, 2020

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