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Prognostication and Early Diagnostics of Students Diseases Subject to Psycho Physiologic Costs of Educational Process


S.V. Soloshenko, R.A. Krupchatnikov, O.I. Filatova, E.A. Nechaeva

According to the researches, taking plase in Kursk State Technical University was discovered that good results in the valuation and prognostication of the level of health of students can be reached by analyzing index of the functional changes, valuation of the risk factor, characteristics of bioactive points (BAP). For each of the criteria were made conformed membership functions for such classes as high disease risk or not. Membership functions are used after that to find particular certainty factors for such activitie, as adaptation potential, eneral-system disorder and nervous level, and to find general certainty factor at last. After that for each of the disease risk factors are identified (alcohol, heredity, smoke, ecology) and other factors which can be measured (including energetic characteristics of bioactive points). For the gained subspaces of factors as consistent with general guidelines about the synthesis of fuzzy decision models trained with data structure, worked out on the biomedicine engineering faculty of Kursk State Technical University produced particular and final prognostication and diagnostic decision rules, including prenosological diagnostics. The method we offer can find high risk of disease and early stage of the disease with an assurance of 0,89 and 0,96, respectively, for cardiovascular diseases.
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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