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Synthesis of Indistinct Solving Rules under Power Characteristics of Biologically Active Points


N.A. Korenevsky, R.A. Krupchatnikov, M.I. Lukashov

By means of specially conducted researches there was established that significant increasing of the reflex diagnostics and reflex therapy holding quality can be achieved using meridial models of the internal and superficial projecting zones (PZ) interaction and particular with biologically active points carried out (BAP) in the form of graphic structures of the produced on the monitor screen systems of support of taking decisions by a doctor reflex therapeutist. To count all existing in the medical researches factors power-informational connections of the internal and superficial projecting zones are built taking into consideration the well-known fact in physiology that the internal by neural passages with electric conductivity are connected with their own (PZ) and in particular with biologically active points through microzones of spinal cord reticular formations consisting of the reticular neuron ensemble. Modelling of the periodical measuring energetic condition of meridial structures is carried out by a generator of impulses of special form. Graphic view of the meridian assemblages on the monitor screen allows the doctor to observe on the stage of diagnostics what internal modifications and in what proportions influence on the changes of energetic characteristics BAP, including the influence of central conducting structures, coupletly functioning meridians, numerous BAP points and others. It lets us examine availability of the accompanied pathologies, differentiate them and the degree of their weight exactly. On the stage of reflex therapy such models provide the opportunity to observe what coupletly functioning organs and systems the impact is directed upon, on definite BAP and that fact allows to choose certain points for influence and such parameters which minimize harmful effect on those organs and systems that are in the condition of energetic disbalance. To improve the user’s perception of energetic condition the meridians and its points it is convenient to use the algorithms of “energetic colouring” when BAP being found in critical “energetic overstrain” are getting coloured in red, in the critical loss of energy condition – in purple, in normal condition – in green. In other conditions intermediate colours are used. Observing the “colouring” of meridians it is easy to have a look at the sources of meridian energetic unbalance, i.e. pathological organs and systems, moreover, “dangerous” situations not appropriate to direct the influence on. Solving the tasks of synthesis of diagnostic determining rules and medical-sanitary processes optimization it is rather effective to use both graphic models and their plate view through the so-called stencil connections the elements of which determine the interaction between certain internal structures of the organism and certain PZ or BAP. Analysis of these tables allows to choose informative BAP and synthesize corresponding prognostic and diagnostic determining rules. Researches in the field reflex diagnostics held in the department “Biomedical Engineering” of Kursk State Technical University revealed that it is worth to execute solving the tasks of prediction and diagnostics of various types and stages of diseases both human and animal with help of rules of illegible conclusion as well as determination of trust measure in reference to decisions taken. The effectiveness of the models and rules of confidence coefficients calculation suggested in the research has been checked several times and proved on the basis of solving tasks of prediction, diagnostics and prevention of skin diseases (atopic dermatitis, acne, rosacea, psoriasis); prevention of diseases caused by unfavourable ecological factors and nervously psychic tension; prediction, degree of weight diagnostics, prevention and treatment of thrombosis of central retina vein ant its canals, ulcerous stomach and others. In all solved tasks the usage of the power characteristics BAP, aggregating in illegible determining rules with specific factors of risk provides confidence in correct prognosis on the level of 0,9; confidence in the distinguished stages of diseases – 0,94
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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