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Definition of the Lingering Physical Fatigue Level as a Factor of Relapse Risk of Chronic Diseases


M.I. Lukashov, N.A. Korenevsky, A.V. Eremin, O.I. Filatova

It is known that long-term psycho-emotional lassitude provides exacerbation of a number of diseases: ischemic heart disease, heart-vessel dystonia, hypertony, oncology, skin diseases etc. Although there are lots of researches devoted to the issue of lassitude the task of its level determination and estimation of its influence on appearance and development of diseases is not completely solved. In the present abstract there has been suggested increasing of quality by means of usage of indicators which characterize various aspects of human organism functioning. There has been also examined informative capacity of traditional test methodics (test of chronic lassitude degree determination), indicators which characterize condition of attention, energetic reaction of biologically active points of system-wide operation (Е36, R36, V40, V60, VB20). According to these groups of informative features there have been observed the functions which determine the measure of increasing credibility towards the notion of lassitude based on particular components; there has been also synthesized the final indistinct rule for determination of confidence in the level of chronic lassitude. In the abstract there has been demonstrated that if the received indicator of chronic lassitude is considered as the carrier of function of possession towards various groups of diseases so it will be possible to observe private decisive rules for determination of chronic lassitude “input” to the development of these diseases. As an example there has been given the function of possession for determination of genital herpes exacerbation risk. There has been observed that mutual usage of the indicator which characterizes the level of chronic lassitude together with other informative features provides confidence on the level of 0.9 and higher in dependence of the amount of collected information.
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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