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Complex Estimation of Level of the Psychoemotional Pressure


N.A. Korenevsky, O.I. Filatova, M.I. Lukashov, R.A. Krupchatnikov

The distinctive characteristic of the present article is the suggestion of estimating psychoemotional pressure (PEP) by means of rules of indistinct conclusion based on the complex of indicators determined by use of traditional tests as Spilberg-Khanin which have scales revealing the degree of continuous psychoemotional pressure; on the value of deflection of biologically active points resistances from their nominal meanings to points “connected” with psychoemotional sphere; on indicators characterising such features of attention transposing, concentration and stability. There were used devices as “Ellada-07”, “Reflex 03-01”, the measuring part of computer system “ROFES” and multi-canal analyzer BAP (MABAP) of exploitation of the biomedical engineering department of Kursk State Technical University as indicators of electric resistance of BAP. The peculiarity of BAP reaction on the level (PEP) is that on the basis of electric misbalance prolongation of definite BAP there can be either short flash of PEP making no impact on the risk of diseases occurring or continuous misbalancing “energetic” BAP caused by continuous psychoemotional pressure which promotes to occurrence and development of pathological condition. In the process of researches there was examined influence of PEP on risk of emergence such diseases as those of nervous system, those of digestion system, skin diseases, etc. Analyses of schedules reveals that the level of PEP is not an absolute indicator of risks of the given groups of diseases emergence. However, on the basis of researches there can be provided the level of confidence in reference to reached decisions within the forecasting tasks 0,85 and higher that is quite efficient for using in medical practice in connection with other factors
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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