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Progress in millimeter and submillimeter waves technology


R. P. Bistrov, A. V. Sokolov, L. V. Fedorova, R. N. Chekanov

This article a lot of years investigations of propagation of millimeter and sub millimeter radio waves in troposphere were devoted. Many academic researches of Russia and Ukraine, industrial Institutes, universities and Ministry of defense and Geology new theoretically and experimentally works were fulfilled. This investigations mastering new intervals frequency radio waves was received. At fist were created transmitters, receivers, antennas systems, measurements apparatus, measuring powers in different lengths and so on. Many years measurements of different signals at summer, winter and not good condition weather long time were continued. At fundamental works in short time were created new receivers-transmitters apparatus, which molecular absorption, attenuations of gidrometeors and aerosols, molecular scatters, reflection and other characteristics of distance propagation: radiowaves, high solutions of locality and objects were studied. It is our result of investigations, which radars systems and radio receivers new types were got. There are investigation reflections of soil, locality and effective surface radars objects in millimeter and sub millimeter radio waves. In result millimeter and sub millimeter radars systems for defense our Russia, and also with small hindrances radio communication and with different distances were created. Millimeter and sub millimeter radio waves were found new other practice inventions. at radiothechnics. First of all were created sputnik and cosmos communication. The millimeter and sub millimeter using in medicine, biology, and radioastronomy and investigations cosmic space on so on were found
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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