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New aspects of application nanotechnology in equipment AESA: nanophotonic and оptо-МЕМS


L. D. Bahrah, D. F. Zaitsev, A. S. Sigov

One of effective ways of introduction nanotechnology in antenna technics – realization of analog optical methods of work of equipment AESA by means of photon devices and systems on the basis of nanosize active and passive analog integration-optical, optoelectronical and quantum devices, and also оptо-micro-electronic-mechanical switches on nanostructures (opto-MEMS) is considered. Comparison analog nanophotonics devices and оptо-MEMS with modern devices of solid-state superhigh-frequency electronics of similar purpose is spent. It is drawn a conclusion on significant advantages of the equipment on the basis of analog nanophotonic and оptо-MEMS above the traditional equipment that will allow to create the new generation АESA, having the qualitative superiority above previous on the majority of the basic characteristics

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