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The Rating Obvious Technique of Electromagnetic Condition in View of Frequently-Territorial Location


M. L. Artjomov, A. D. Korobova, E. A. Khromikh, S. N. Shulshenko

The rating technique of electormahnetic conditions parameters in a group of radioelectronic in view of their frequently – territorial location is considered. This technique is based on mathematical simulation. Programs of electrodynamics diagrams simulation of aerials orientations (MMANA) and computer mathematics (MATHCAD) are used. The technique differs high presentation of radio-electronic devices concrete parameters modeling. Among them, coordinate of an arrangement on a plane, energy of transmitters, sensitivity of receivers, frequency characteristics, forms of aerials orientations diagrams and their azimuthally orientation. The technique of electromagnetic conditions parameters rating with use of new virtual objects is resulted: electormagnetic compatibility bodies of receipting and passing radio-electronic devices. In particular, the example of formation of a body of electromagnetic compatibility by the multielement phased aerial lattice with the base function which is growing out of calculation of its standing wave factor in a range of frequencies, switched in the structure of group in form of three radio-electronic devices is resulted

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