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Multimedia programming-methodical complex «Research of wave processes at propagation and diffraction of radio-waves»


I. F. Budagiyan, G. G. Shchuchkin, D. I. Kruchkov

Results of use of innovative technologies on the basis of means of an information-analytical drawing for creation of multimedia programming-methodical complexes are considered. The developed complex is meant for dynamic display of wave processes at propagation and diffraction of radio-waves and ultra short pulses, including their modeling. It provides association of a theoretical material with the interface program module. The multimedia programming-methodical complex contains 3 themes: propagation of radio-waves within direct visibility; modeling of wave processes at reflection of radio-waves from an ionosphere; research of diffraction processes on bodies of the various forms. Each theme represents the finished computer video clip. It can be stopped at any moment, or simply to "wind off” and see more attentively that promotes accurate comprehension of physical process. Structurally a computer video clip is subdivided on the sections – key scenes, including main moments of an investigated theme. The structure of a complex except thematic blocks includes the interface program module containing 5 developed programs: the automated measurement an electromagnetic field distribution; modeling of wave processes in ionosphere at approach of a linear layer; research of electromagnetic waves diffraction on various apertures and their systems; investigation of diffraction process of electromagnetic waves on the elementary bodies; modeling diffractions of electromagnetic waves and ultra short pulses a method of auxiliary currents. All these programs allow make in a mode of modeling the analysis of wave processes at propagation and diffractions of radio-waves and ultra short pulses

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