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Use of Regular and Nonregular Asymmetrical Tem- Horns for Direction-Finding Antenna Arrays of the Circular Review


A.V. Ashikhmin, Yu.G. Pasternak, I.V. Popov, Yu.A. Rembovskiy

Wide use in the equipment of radiodirection finding ring antenna arrays, consisting of elements, not having the phase center, is limited with the following factors: high average value of entrance resistance of symmetric pyramidal TEM- horns (about 150-200 Ohms); necessity of symmetries devices used for connection of the symmetric antenna and the amplifier with an asymmetrical input. For this reason in work attempt of synthesis and the analysis of characteristics ring direction-finding antenna arrays, consisting of asymmetrical TEM-horns, having average value of entrance resistance 50 and 100 Ohm has been undertaken. In work the simple model asymmetrical is offered to TEM-horns, allowed, on the basis of use of genetic algorithm, to synthesize ring antenna array, consisting of elements with average entrance resistance about 50 Ohm. Comparison of asymmetrical antennas elements characteristics with average entrance resistance 100 Ohm and 50 Ohm, and also made of them ring antenna arrays is lead. The opportunity of use of a phase direction-finding method in ring antenna arrays, made of asymmetrical elements, not having the phase center is shown
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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