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Features of Radiations Field for Optical Wave Guides System


V.F. Dubrovin

In article the field features formed by system of optical wave guides radiators in a distant zone are investigated. Construction of the model describing an interference field, is based on a method partial diagram’s in which at decomposition of fields other is applied in comparison with traditional system of base functions. By consideration of an interference of radiation fields of optical wave guides holography methods, and also results of researches in the field of holography on optical wave guides are used. The offered model allows with sufficient degree to estimate the characteristic of the devices using as radiators of system of optical wave guides. Data obtained thus allow to lower volume of experimental work during equipment working out, to optimize its construction and to improve characteristics. The material presented in article can be useful at creation of antenna lattices optical and UHF ranges, and also in problems of objects recognition on a field disseminated by them. Corresponding researches have been executed on the basis of model interference field which is formed by radiation of two optical wave guides that does not limit a generality of reasoning and the received results. It is shown, that the interference field formed by multimode optical wave guides (and also other similar radiating systems), represents uniform system of strips this modulated on amplitude for the account modes peak-phase modulation and polarizations modulation of wave guides fields, and is locally deformed for the account modes phase modulation. Within light stains interference strips keep, basically, the regular structure and the orientation caused by mutual position of end faces of radiating microwave guides. Between stains the structure of strips is broken. Permission falling in the restored image is caused, basically, modes phase modulation and can be calculated by means of the offered formulas. Diffractions efficiency wave guides hologram’s, smaller in 1,5 … 2,5 times, in comparison with classical holography is connected with spotty character of a field and disorder of a condition of polarization in stains. The presented model will well be coordinated with data of experiments and can be used for a choice of elements and calculation of characteristics of devices and the devices using radiating systems on optical wave guides
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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