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Transient Far-Fields of Offset Reflector


S. P. Skulkin, V. I. Turchin

We describe the method of calculation of a transient far field of the offset reflector antenna with dipole feed radiated delta – pulse. It is considered, that the effective frequency bandwidth is limited from above and from below, and the maximal wavelength is much less than sizes of the aperture, focal distance of a reflector and distance from a reflector to a observation point. Taking into account these assumptions the transient field can be written using space-time distribution of electrical current over antenna aperture. Using integration technique for delta – functions of complex argument, at each moment of time we can reduce the two-dimensional integral over a surface to one-dimensional integral over a line. Simple analytical expressions have been found for the transient far-fields of offset reflector antenna. It was shown that the time interval for non-zero values of the transient far-field transforms essentially as compared with symmetrical parabolic reflector, and the cross component appears in the main section which is perpendicular to the direction of displacement of aperture center from paraboloid center.

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