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Methodological Specialties of IT Analysis of the Information about Dynamic of Plants or Process


E.V. Yurkevich, E.L. Ivanilov

Formation of IT forecast problem as a new section of forecast tools, characterized by using of computer means for information processing and analysis for the sake of some objects or process scenario development formation, is set. For the sake of efficiency increase of IT means special methodology and special software, allowing to hold information analysis not only in the text or figures format, but also in speech or video sequence format is proposed as one of decisions. Some methodological tools of IT forecasting are offered. Peculiarity of the software defining the perfection of messages processing means is shown. Architecture of support forecasting computer system is offered. Algorithmization of connection between complex hardware-software means with the user-operator and an analyst is essential in such representation. It is shown, that the offered information technology can be realized with a help of solution of 3 task groups:  search of the current information in advanced determined areas (technical, economic, social, political, etc.);  conducting archives of data under the interesting information;  analysis of object (or process) status and delivery of recommendations concerning development scenario formation. Specificity of researches considered in research work is that, decision maker for introduction of administrative influences, required introduction of the estimation defining degree of sizes compliance and signs of observable values development of considered object with predicted data concerning average value of received supervision. Depending on results of comparison such forecast and the real information received at a monitoring stage, the managing director accepted received results, or gave the command of volumes changes on the analyzed information, i.e. on respective alteration expenses on monitoring.
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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