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Effects of the Refraction of Atmosphere on the Accuracy Characteristics of the Subpicosecond Dispersive Range Finder in the Conditions of Strong Turbulence on Extended Distances


V.I. Grigorevsky, M.V. Grigorevskaja, M.T. Prilepin, V.P. Sadovnikov, M.V. Sorochinsky

For the first time the way of measurement of the large distances by means of a dispersive range finder on the basis of one laser with length of a wave ~ 0,4 microns and a photodetector is offered at duration of a laser pulse ~ 0,1 ps. The block diagramme of dispersive subpicosecond range finder is considered. For this variant of a range finder calculations of an error of measurement of the distances arising because of optical disance fluctuations on extended atmospheric lines taking into account influence of turbulence of atmosphere are carried out. At divergence calculations d of spectral components of pulse radiation on a propagations paths reduction of a gradient of an air refractive index in process of impulse propagation on a distance was considered. The general error of measurement of distance because of the turbulence caused by a refraction of atmosphere is: , where is caused by influence of averaging of equipment during T, and the is caused by a divergence d of spectral components of pulse radiation in turbulent atmosphere, v-perpendicular to the measured line speed of a wind,  a standard Karman frequency spectrum of turbulence, ~ 150  dispersive factor for the chosen range of lengths of waves near 0.4 m. Numerical calculation by the resulted formula shows, that even at the strong turbulence and the refraction of an air the errors are small and it is possible to neglect them for any measured distances.
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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