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Presentation of Complex Functions of Time Reliability Factors of Information Management Systems with Hardware and Information Falures


V.S. Marukhnenko

In industry and there is a wide class of important objects on a transport, a management which will be realized by the difficult informative sensor-based systems (ISBS). Efficiency of management such objects is in a great deal determined reliability of ISBS. Difficult ISS, except for vehicle refuses, failures, irregular worsenings of exactness of measuring devices because of act of hindrances and other violations of capacity, are inherent. They can be unconnected with irreversible violation of bodily condition of incoming in its composition elements. They are selected in the special group of informative refuses. Distinctions between vehicle and informative refuses require simultaneously and their general, and their separate account and analysis. Presentation of reliability indexes corresponds these terms as imaginaries or functions. In the article researches of application of imaginaries and complex functions of time are conducted for the analysis of reliability of the ISBS indexes. The axioms of the use of imaginaries and functions is entered in the theory of reliability, reliability indexes are developed for the simple systems, systems with the successive including of elements and for the systems with backuping. Graphic interpretation of reliability indexes in a complex kind allows to estimate their absolute values, tendencies of changes, and to set the limit of possible time of exploitation of IUS on achievement of maximum values.
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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