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The Investigation of the Wolf Number Dynamics with Used the SSA-Method


S.V. Porshnev

The subject of discussion are results of time line’s analysis which contains average monthly meanings of Wolf numbers during the period since January 1749 till March 2008, with the SSA-method. Its applicability to the concerned object is proved with the separation of the well-known part, namely «eleven-year», «century-long» and «two-century-long» parts. The employment of this method made it possible to find that the period of the «century-long» part had changed; since 1778 till 1850 this period was 72 years long, and since 1850 till 1980 it was 125 years long. The method also made it possible to mark out the parts of the analyzed time line which have periods of 5,46, 5,67, 7,92, 9,92, 10,83, 11,75, 12,93, and 15,25 years and to define its contribution in the whole dispersion of the analyzed time line.
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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