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D.N. Gorbatov, V.V. Vikulov

The object of miniaturization and its perfection is urgent as for vacuum devices so for high voltage electronics, where solid components are not enough reliable and competitive. It promotes specification and materials consumption degradation of devices. Also it promotes multi limitation and universalism increasing. Solving science and practical miniaturization problems, problems overcoming in theory and technique forming and recoverable deposition of electron flow (that spread in condition of own strong fields of electron cloud) help us to open ways for the following development and perfection of EVD in this area of electronics in different groups such as impulse modulation lamp. This revolution was begun by investigation and conversion of miniature circuit changer. A circuit changer has typical characteristics as following: Using of multi beams strip electron flow Electrostatic forming of electron flow by exfoliation system and its electrostatic transportation by periodic permanent structure in the channels of control electrode holes (grid); Low penetration and diaphaneity of large control electrode (grid); Easiest electron geometry of electrode system, that provide pentode type of current-voltage characteristics Electrode with square periodic profile grain of surface that perceive primary electron flow; Application of metal porous high temperature emitter Electrical method of miniature figurine blocks optimizing centering and positioning that using during assemblage

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