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N.V. Jarantsev, G.A. Chistjakov, A.P. Korzhavyi, V.P. Marin, D.K. Nikiforov

Features of reception of substrates of cold cathodes from multilayered materials are resulted. It is shown, that the ultrasound can promote maintenance of properties to the materials subjected to a deep extract (to reception of details as thin-walled cylinders). Practical application of multilayered substrates is described as emitting nanostructures. Questions of reception and examination of physicotechnical parameters of thin-film cold cathodes surveyed on the basis of structures Al-Al2O3. Metallographic, X-rays and electron-spectral examinations were carried out in rechearch institute «New technologies and materials «ATOM». The degree of deficiency of metal coats was checked by a method electron fluctuation diagnostics (his improvement is lead on chrome thin films), oxide-coated films  the adsorption analysis and electrophysical measurings. For optimization of thin-film cylindrical cold cathodes experiments on studying physicotechnical parameters of structures metal – oxide films of metal on section breadboard models of discharge tubes from a glass (by length ~ 100 mm, a caliber ~ 30 mm), the filled He-Ne an intermixture have been lead. At making breadboard models for the best adhesion of structures on cylindrical glass substrates sputter a metal underlayer. Further superimposed a metal film (Al) thermal transpiration in a fine vacuum. A film of oxide (Al2O3) created both a thermal oxidizing, and a jet pulverization in oxygen (70…1000 Pа) at 520…670 K. Allocation of a discharge current on length of a breadboard model is explored at various shapes of a bottom of the cathode

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