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A.V. Vlasko, A.A. Oreshkin, A.P. Korzhavyi, S.V. Kotunov

With use of chemicals water-preparation means direct addition inside of water handling of chemicals. All these methods are bound to the rate of flux of various reagents, therefore roads. Without use of chemicals water-preparation excludes use of expendables, does not demand major investment cost, is prime on stream and does not cause environmental. Problems, the bound with formation of a scaliness are solved with use both chemical, and physical methods. At chemical water demineralizing the principle of ion exchange is used. From physical methods practical application have received radio-frequency, electrolytic, electromagnetic, magnetic. Magnetic processing - a magnetic field renders fixed influence on kinetics of crystallization, causing magnification of concentration of nuclei in mass of water owing to what instead of a scaliness cloud (slimes) is formed, deletes separation or wash of aggregate. It set also, that superposition of a magnetic field accelerates processes of coagulation, rises permeability of water through a membrane, reduces corrosion of metal and causes fracture before the formed scaliness. For operation it is not required power supplies and expendables. The device runs into system. There are the development positioned on a pipe without branch joints in system. Models are selected on a water discharge. Chemical composition of water and its temperature are of great importance for efficient carrying out of magnetic processing. Electromagnetic processing - is similar magnetic processing. Devices of this type have an opportunity to change power of a magnetic field depending on a water discharge. A main deficiency of the given devices - a constant current consumption. Besides near to a place of their operation there should be a radiant alternating-current

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