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Transition of dissipative structures at irradiated solid materials


Kulikova N.V., Khmelevskaya V.S., Bondarenko V.V.

Self-organized structures after laser irradiation in solids materials have been studied using the fractional dimensional method. Principles of observed self-organized structures are subject to variation depending on radiation exposure degree. With increase of radiation exposure degree the construction of self-organized structures becomes more complicated, and old self-organized configuration is being replaced the new ones. Fractal dimension value also is being changed depending on radiation level. It was demonstrated that fractal dimension value could oscillate with increase in radiation level. It was demonstrated that after laser irradiation the behavior of fractional dimension and micro indentation hardness of irradiated material are correlated depending on number of laser irradiation impulses
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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