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About a electromagnetic solitons using for reaction of material objects excitation


Bashkirov M.M., Volodin I.A., Dmitriev V.G., Konotop A.A., Sergeev V.I., Chaplygin A.A., Chigarev B.N.

Use a electromagnetic solitons for instantaneous action at a distance (far-action), as excitation of reaction of material objects on the external influence directly not turned on them is shown and proved. Is accepted, that such excitation of reaction can be classified as an information transfer. In paper it is shown, that breather, which formed by solitons (soliton and instanton), provides far-action owing to indignation of any of the elements. At the named indignation all breather’s elements will be revolted. The given circumstance is possible in view of singletic to breather’s elements, i.e. solitons possess the general wave function and can be presented as elements of one resonant system distributed in space. Results of mathematical modelling for a case soliton-instantonic breather which show information transfer possibility at modulation of key parameters are resulted: amplitudes, phases or speeds of soliton. It is shown, that elements of the distributed resonant system, for far-action realisation, should be in knots of a phase lattice. That is, long-range action can be shown only in static or a quasistatic a case. It is underlined, that solitons can be generated only in that resonant system which supposes existence of soliton with concrete parameters. Accordingly, not only characteristics of environment it is possible to define a kind, soliton type, and also its concrete parameters, but also soliton are formed under media of existence. Possibility of improvement of quality of an information exchange or radiolocation is described at soliton’s using as radio impulses, for the account of the basic all-physics properties of solitons
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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