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New Constructions of Kravchenko-Chebyshev-Legendre Spectral Functions


D.V. Churikov

New constructions of the spectral functions based on combinations of atomic functions (AF) with orthogonal Chebyshev and Legendre multinomials, and also space-time transforms on their basis are offered. The physical analysis of characteristics of new functions is carried out. It is shown that frequency and time properties of the received constructions are various. This allows to choose the optimal for specific targets of digital signals processing for information transmission. Application of the spectral signals analysis in basis of digital functions in comparison with the spectral harmonious offers certain advantages which are defined by the physical nature of representation of signals. The purpose of this work consists in showing advantages of the new KravchenkoChebyshevLegendre combined constructions. New constructions of functions were applied to the space-time signal analysis on the basis of transformations of Cohen class. It is shown that combinations of physical characteristics of these functions allow to receive a wide spectrum of transformations. Numerical experiment and the physical analysis of results confirm efficiency of new constructions of Kravchenko-Chebyshev-Legendre functions in problems of spectral estimation and filtration of digital signals

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