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Modelling of Steady Systems PPLL


G.N. Prokhladin

The principle of modelling of steady systems of pulse-phase-locked-loop (PPLL) is resulted. Methods of modelling of continuous systems PLL are considered. It is shown, that methods of modelling of processes of an establishment for continuous systems in case of their application for pulse structures can lead to doubtful indicators. The algorithm of modelling of dynamics of system PPLL is resulted, using z-transformation. The design procedure of processes of an establishment in system PPLL with the second order for the set stock of stability on the module and a phase is stated. Parametrical stability of system from change of factor of strengthening of the opened structure is shown. Examples of modelling for steady, oscillatory and unstable structures are resulted. Results of modelling are completely coordinated with the theory of pulse systems of automatic control in which basis the theorem of readout (theorem Kotelnikov) is put. The presented method allows to estimate quality of transitive characteristics on reregulation factor, to build the desirable characteristic of process of an establishment and more precisely to define time of the termination of transient

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