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Modelling of the Intermediate Stage of Primary Division of Charges at Photosynthesis


V.I. Porkhun, A.V. Arshinov

In clause models of primary process of photosynthesis, absorption of light by donors electron with formation of the raised condition and carry of a charge on an acceptor are considered. Experiments spent in the gauge of a spectrometer of a nuclear magnetic resonance with working frequency 100 МHz at an irradiation of reagents light from lamp ДРШ-1000 with length of a wave 370-400 nanometers. Simultaneously made registration of spectra of a proton magnetic resonance. In a mix porphyrin with 2.6-diphenil-1.4 bensoquinone (solvent deitero chloroform) signals of issue meta- protons quinone have been registered, that speaks about radical character of reaction with carry electron. Using cyclic amin, as the donor electron at its photoreaction with quinone in are various solvents, the mechanism of photoreaction by means of effects of polarization of kernels is established. Two-phasic carry of atom of hydrogen takes place. In the beginning carry with formation an ion-radical, then carry of a proton. The considered mechanism can serve as model of primary carry electron at photosynthesis from a sensitizer of a chlorophyll, porphyrin to an acceptor - membraneconnecton quinone, in environments with various polarity. Cited data speak about two-phasic moving атом hydrogen, all over again carry electron with formation an ion-radical of pairs, and then carry of a proton.
May 29, 2020

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