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Studying of Quions Complexes of Radicals with Copper Ions, as Models of Carrying Over of the Charge in Biosystems


V.I. Porkhun, A.V. Arshinov, V.N. Perminov

Are received spectral- kinetic characteristics of complexes, constants, activated-complex constants of speeds of their formation and disintegration. It is proved, that formation of complexes stabilizes an initial radical. By means of quantummechanical calculations by method РМ-3 and unlimited method H.F.R. with use of the theory functional to density it is shown, that at formation of complexes between para-benzoquinone radicals and ions of copper the important role is played with a charge on atom of oxygen ligand. In the present work it is shown, that processes of oxidation hydroquinone in quinone ions of metals are the complex processes, including intermediate stages. Obtained data allow to explain stabilization semiquinone radicals with an ion of copper in albuminous connections. The formation of complexes considered by us between ions of copper and semiquinone radicals, stabilizes radicals, reducing a constant of speed of their disappearance on two orders, that essentially increases concentration of radicals. This effect does semiquinone radicals capable to bring the contribution to carry electron in a circuit of electronic transport. As formation of a complex changes oxidation-reduction potential of system that facilitates transfer electrons on one to membran system.
May 29, 2020

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