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Using the Virtual Instruments Technology of Software Lab View for Vibrating High Viscosity Measurements


S.V. Mednikov, A.E. Pugin, S.A. Rusakov

The main aspects of the computer viscosimeter creation using the virtual instruments technology of software Lab View by National Instruments are considered in the article. A viscosity measurement is a problem needed to be solved in many areas of modern production. But for the high viscosities methods of its measurements are little effective and give greater inaccuracy. So it needs the alternative method that has no such deficiencies. This method is a vibrating method. The essence of this method is so: the probe in the form of a plate falls into the liquid. Then the plate is given the oscillation motion. The difference of the phases between plate oscillation and forcing power depends on the viscosity. To solve the problem of measurement of viscosity using the vibration method requires a generator of sound vibrations, mechanical vibrator and phase meter. Generator, an indicator of frequency and phase difference between the two signals entering the two channels of the soundcard, as well as the oscilloscope for visual control of forms of signals were carried out using the technology of virtual instrument license package Lab View 7.1 in the form of a program that uses a PC sound card. Thus, by using a sound card and Lab View package was implemented generator sound vibrations and phase meter. The product is flexible enough, it can be used with special devices for generation and reception of signals from National Instruments, where a normal sound card will not be able to give a signal of given frequency or to provide the necessary accuracy. The results of the polymer acrylate viscosity measurements using the computer viscosimeter are given.
May 29, 2020

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