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Biotool Adaptive Systems in Medicine


Y.P. Mukha, A.V. Bugrov

In article the concept of construction of new type is considered is informational-measuring systems medical assignment – biotool is informational-measuring systems, in which the object of research is the entry converter. In this case entry effect on the measuring system is not removed signal, and environmental conditions, its physiological and mental states, load effects etc. That is some system of diverse test effects is formed. For approach implementation it is necessary to use uniform system representation, both the researched object, and the measurement tool. The optimal device of formalising is the theory of categories and функторов as allows to unite objects different in the physical nature and effects in the form of categories, функторов and mappings and to work out the structurally-analytical equations of proceeding processes. Such approach of formalising is irreplaceable at the description of difficult dynamic systems with deep diverse feedback, for example, biological systems. Structural representation allows us to describe adequately process of conversion of many-dimensional entry effect in the concrete system response of an organism which is registered by the measuring resources, thus each structural representation can be expanded and presented in an analytic form. Thus, in the offered informational-measuring systems unambiguous link between many-dimensional entry effect on the object of measurement and the processes occurring in it is formalized. In article process of synthesis of similar system from the moment of creation of an object model and test effects before creation of biotool informational-measuring system is considered
May 29, 2020

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