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Measures with Adaptive Measuring Transformations


U.P. Mukha

The problem of synthesis of optimum control by evolutions in information-measuring systems for the purpose of realization of algorithms of adaptive measurements is considered. Now development of adaptive measuring systems is connected with use of the limited receptions of evolutions of measuring systems that constrains creation of systems with flexible structure under conditions of multiple parameter fine tunings. Medical measuring apparatuses differ very high complexity and essential dependence on service conditions. Efficiency of adaptive systems is defined by quality of management algorithms. For the decision of this problem it is necessary to use a method of synthesis of structural management algorithm of evolutions in IMS with adaptive measuring transformations. All typical modes realised in difficult measuring complexes are considered, and is shown that management of correction in all accumulated errors expediently carries out by means of algorithmic networks. It is shown that the optimum structure of algorithmic management maintenance corresponds to an extremum of structural quality function with the further use of the most comprehensible principles of switching for the determined managerial process. To them are carried and considered: ring switching in function from a priority; switching in a hierarchical layer with compulsory transition from a layer to a layer and compulsory switching between proof-readers of an error of all layers, except the higher. The example of synthesis of structure of management algorithm is resulted, by process of automatic correction at automatic errors indemnification arising in the photometric analyzer.
May 29, 2020

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