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Experimental Research of Influence Low-Intensity Microwave Radiations on ermination and Intensity of Growth of Grains of Wheat


A.G. Shein, R.N. Nikulin, I.A. Kovalev, D.G. Artemova, Luu Huyen Trang, M.P. Nikulina

The article contains the result of experiments by impact of low intense electromagnetic radiation on grains of wheat. It is marked, that studying of influence of electromagnetic radiation on functioning of biological systems represents special interest because of opportunities to control biological objects by influence on them electromagnetic waves. For research the influence of low intensity microwave radiation on biological objects, in the summer and autumn of 2008 were spent the experiments with the purpose qualitative assessment of low intense nonthermal electromagnetic radiation impact on grains of wheat. It is supposed, that the response of alive system to influence will be greater at resonant character of interaction, when the difference between frequency external electromagnetic radiation and eigenfrequency of electromagnetic fluctuations of a tissue, member or biosystem as a whole will be small. As object of experiment will be chosen not spire grains of wheat. At the first stage of work we revealing characteristic frequencies on which there is a resonant absorption of low intensity microwave radiation was spent. As a result of this research we find following characteristic frequencies: 6.74 GHz, 6.84 GHz, 6.91 GHz, 7.01 GHz, 7.27 GHz, 7.44 GHz. In experiment dependence of parameters germination and intensity of growth radiation-exposed wheat from frequency of an irradiating field was appreciated. The problem of an experimental research was check of the base position, consisting that nonthermal effects of influence microwave radiation have sharply resonant character (there are frequencies, on which influence positively or negatively). The lead experiments show, that electromagnetic radiation of a centimetric range renders on the established resonant frequencies on grains of wheat as negative (overwhelming germination and intensity of development), and positive (accelerating germination and development of growth) influence.
May 29, 2020

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