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Currents through a Membrane Taking into Account Presence of High-Frequency Components


A. G .Shein, D. A. Baryshev

Being based on the assumption that along with transport of ions through a membrane, depending only from presence of a gradient of concentration and static мембранного potential (Nernst-Plank equation), exist variable components of potential and concentration, is received the equation which decision characterizes distribution of high-frequency making density of a current on a thickness of a membrane – a high-frequency current: It is interesting to notice that if the law of change of concentration in the membrane channel submits to the law: , and the current density remains an invariable membrane on all thickness provided that, then value of the operating parameter k is calculated on a parity: also does not depend on values of concentration on external and a membrane inside. Researches were made on two biological objects for which values of concentration of some ions on the internal and external parties of a membrane are known: huge acson a squid, cats neuron. On examples distribution of high-frequency components of density of a current on a thickness of a membrane for various ions and their influence on the general transport of ions through a cage membrane is shown. Also, using the designated model it is possible to judge values of boundary frequencies below which indignations are not capable to get into a cage through a membrane.
May 29, 2020

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