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Correction of Point Target Track Parameters by Means of Joint Processing of Sequential Images


A. E. Kolessa

The problem is considered of extraction of moving point targets, which are observed against a clatter by optical sensor with mosaic detector. It is supposed that input sequence of images is preliminary subjected to traditional processing: whitening (filtering for clutter suppression), detection of target blips in each whitened image, tracks extraction (blips-to-tracks identification). The algorithm is proposed to reduce useful signal distortions and suppression caused by filtering procedure as well as to increase a precision of parameters of object motion within mosaic plane. The algorithm calculates the estimates of useful signal amplitude and target position in each image, which bring the minimum to square residual between the measured signals in images and virtual signals calculated on the basis of target parameters to be estimated. The relative shifts of images are supposed to be negligible small, clatter is supposed to be stationary
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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