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Vibrogenic equilibrium states in systems of magnetic needles Summary


F.V. Lisovskiĭ, E.G. Mansvetova

Vibrogenic equilibrium states dynamically stabilized by oscillating magnetic field in oscillatory systems formed by one or two compass magnetic needles have been implemented. Complete state diagrams for the systems studied have been both theoretically and experimentally determined. It was shown that in the presence of oscillating magnetic field single magnetic needle exhibits properties completely analogous to the Kapitza pendulum with vibrating suspension point. Effective potential energy for vibrogenic equilibrium states always exceeds energy of ground state; that is, vibrogenic equilibrium states are metastable. System of two magnetic needles having no mechanical analogue demonstrates more complex behavior, main feature of which is a possibility of realization of two vibrogenic equilibrium states with parallel and antiparallel orientations of magnetic needles. Vibrogenic equilibrium states for oscillating magnetic field intensity above the threshold value may be both absolutely stable and metastable. Subject to orientation of oscillating magnetic field intensity vector both parallel and antiparallel orientations of magnetic needles may correspond to metastable vibrogenic equilibrium states

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