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Statistical Estimation of the Messages Switching Characteristics at Use of the Multiplexer with Back-End Queue


© V. V. Susin, D. B. Borzov, V. S. Titov, A. A. Tsareyv

The flow of messages processed in the multiplexers used in computing and telecommunication systems are typically probabilistic and random in nature and relate to the class of random processes. As the requirements for performance multiplexer, mainly determined by the characteristics of the flow of messages is of interest to develop a model multiplexer that takes into account the characteristics of the flow of messages. In this paper the analytical model of the most promising currently multiplexer with output queues. So far, the statistical evaluation of the characteristics of message-switching multiplexer to the output queues are not considered. Using the new model allows to calculate the optimal characteristics of multiplexers for the various modalities. The article proposed an analytical model with the multiplexer output queues. Analytical dependences are obtained to assess virtually all potential multiplexer characteristics, taking into account the random nature of the flow of messages.

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