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Information Infrastructure of Management of Innovative Activity


A. V. Bocharov, S. N. Subbotin

In the modern economy based on knowledge, occurrence and which distribution is basically in a zone of responsibility of public sector, the purposeful state policy should promote activization of innovative processes at all levels of a public economy the Main question - speed of realization of scientific achievements in the form of the high technology goods claimed by the market. Reduction of time of passage of innovative working out from scientific laboratory to the market - a primary factor of competitive advantage presently. The state is obliged to create necessary conditions and stimulus for fast realization of scientific and technical achievements in the industry to provide competitiveness of made production on internal and on world the markets. One of key conditions of development of innovative activity in the country on the basis of domestic high technology workings out is creation of a modern information infrastructure of its management and maintenance. The information infrastructure should enter as a subsystem into an infrastructure of national innovative system and provide free circulation of new knowledge and an information exchange in all its links. Managerial processes by development of innovative activity, decision-making under innovative projects and the control over their realisation should have corresponding information-technological support. For this purpose it is necessary to concentrate available material and intellectual resources on works on creation and working off of basic elements of an information infrastructure and to provide accurate coordination of the given works in full volume, within the limits of the general realisation of the purposes and problems of «Strategy of development of an information society of Russia».

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