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Virtual Environment Systems in Problems of Reaction, Preventing and Liquidations of Consequences of Exceeding Situations


© D.A. Byigozin, Yu.M. Baturin, T.N. Borisov, P.P. Danilicheva, R.T. Islamov, I.A. Kirillov, S.V.Klimenko, I.E. Lukashevich, A.A.Romanov, S.A.Fomin, S.A.Tsiganov

Review is denote analysis of possibilities of using the technologies to visualizations, in particular virtual surrounding for preparing, preventing and liquidations of consequences of exceeding situations. In the first section are considered prospects of using the technologies of virtual surrounding as information support facility in conditions of exceeding situations. In the second section is described possibility of virtual surrounding for modeling of exceeding situations and drills of lifeguards. The Third section is denote using the devices extended reality for equipment search-resque troops; for ensuring the communications between lifeguards on the place of exceeding situations and point of management; for navigations and displaying three-dimensional geoinformation, as well as for the evaluation of damaging and reconstructions of buildings. In the fourth section are analyse possibility of using a technology of virtual surrounding for equipment point of resque operation governing for the reason visualizations information on exceeding situations and decision making supports. In conclusion cancelling the most significant achievements in the scope of using a virtual surrounding in exceeding situations and prospects of development of given direction.
Sept. 2, 2020
Aug. 27, 2020
June 24, 2020

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