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Constant Magnetic Field Influence Analysis on the Development and the Salt-Resistance of Oats Sprouts Avena sativa L


Belliustin N.S., Sukhov V.S., Savel’ev , V.Yu., Golovanova N.N., Kamensky G.G.

The influence of oats dry seeds processing of constant magnetic field (0.02 T, exposition – 0.5, 1.0 and 2.0 h) on development of plants (parts of germination roots and shoots and theirs lengths after 5 and 8 days) and influence such processing on stability of growth processes in this plants (dispersion of lengths of roots and shoots) were investigated. Also, influence of constant magnetic field on salt-tolerance (part of plant, which maintained turgor after 60 min in saturated solution of NaCl) of oats was investigated in this article.  It was shown that seeds processing of constant magnetic field (2 h) decreased part of germination roots and shoots and growth processes. Others expositions induced lowering of such characteristic too or induced faint increase (length of shoot, 5 day).  Salt-tolerance of oats, acted constant magnetic field was increased (2 h exposition).  It was proposed that shown phenomenon were connected with lowering of stability of processes in oats, which was induced of magnetic field. It was shown that processing of seeds of magnetic field increased dispersion of roots shoots lengths in oats. In control was shown that there was positive correlation between standard derivation of shoots lengths and salt-tolerance. Also, increase of standard derivation induced lowering of roots and shoots lengths, with the exception two-phase dependence for shoots length after 5 day.  Such results show that destabilization of processes in living system can take part in realization of constant magnetic field influence on development and tolerance of plant. Mathematical model of investigated processes was elaborated and used for theoretical analysis. Numerical analysis of model showered that increase of fluctuation level in system can induced one-, two- and three phases change of tolerance of described mathematical model object and lowering of growth processes in it. Such results are quality correlated with experiment and show that elaborated model can be used for understanding of constant magnetic field effects.
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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