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Ways of Revealing of Features of Reaction of the Water Environment on Action of Small Dozes of an Ionizing Radiation


Artamonov A.A., Fedotova I.V., Tsetlin V.V., Nosovsky A.M.

So why water concerns to «uneasy» liquids? Interaction between molecules of water depends on orientation from each other, which leads to difficult systems of the equations. Problems arise at the description of hydrogen connections between molecules of water. Owing to these connections in water arises unique tetrahedral the near order with which unusual properties of water are connected all and with which we connect areas optimum for passage of chemical reactions. For the theoretical description of this phenomenon the model within the limits of functional is offered Ginsburg – Landau's to free energy. In the first part of the publication the concept the correlation is entered and correlation function is under construction. As the radius of correlation that is a link between correlation function and fractal the characteristics found from curve currents of conductivity is determined. The system is considered in which can exist two parameters of the order. The model of an estimation of influence constructed by us over small dozes of an ionizing radiation is based on results of experiments in which we investigated features of dynamics of currents of conductivity of water subject to an ionizing irradiation. As water of high clearing shows properties of an insulator and currents of conductivity very low, for effective registration of a signal is undertaken line of measures. The first to that it has been paid special attention, cleanliness of water. Owing to installation on reception unionize waters of deep distance of ionic impurity (cation and anion), have allocated water of high clearing with specific electro conductivity = 0,1-0,2 microMho. This step has allowed reducing of minimum the contents in water of various impurities, and their contribution to a current of conductivity to come to naught. To avoid dissolution of electrodes during transmission an electric current was used tape of platinum. The voltage from a source of a direct current was registered on the additional channel and during all experiment remains to constants, therefore the daily course of currents of conductivity of water found out by us cannot be interpreted as a variation of a voltage in the electric system connected with daily rhythms of a current consumption. For normalizations measurements we have included in installation one more to a ditch which fixes a daily course of currents of conductivity of water. A following important step - definition of an optimum voltage necessary for registration of changes in currents of conductivity of the irradiated waters and the further search over small dozes of the maximal influence. From model the probability of passage of chemical reactions in dimensionless units was determined, to the greatest probability there corresponds optimum value of a voltage necessary for the further research over small dozes of the maximal influence. The criterion of an estimation which we have chosen, is rather convenient, as unites in itself at once many factors and is certain from normalizations the data received as a result of experiment. By the received results it is possible to tell with confidence, that the optimum voltage for measurements makes 2.5 Volt. After the optimum voltage has been found, were determined over small dozes of the maximal influence. As well as above, the radius of correlation and the correlator was determined. The radius of correlation shows that distance on which correlation decreases in е time. The received correlator depends on correlation radius exponential and as depends from ahead of exponential factor equal to return size of correlation dimension, apparently, this size renders strong modeling influence and it is characteristic for those factors which are the reason of a daily course of currents of conductivity of water. For - radiations effective time of an irradiation has made 30 minutes, which for 10 minutes there is less than time - and for 20 minutes less than at - an irradiation. These values have been certain on a maximum of value of correlation function. It is possible to explain results the mechanism of ionization of environment. So -particle, electron or a positron, taking place through substance, loses some part of the energy on ionization of molecules of environment; torn off at ionization electron leaves this molecule usually with insignificant energy, however, sometimes sufficient on formation secondary, tertiary, etc. ionization. Thus, along a way of a particle the chain of ions is formed. The number of ions on unit of length of a way depends on weight and energy of particles and by nature ionized environment; for -particles this size of the order some thousand pairs ions on micron of a way in fabrics; along a way fast electron’s it is formed only about ten pairs ions on one micron of a way. Finally, -rays absorption give rise to movement electrons which cause ionization their environment. It is necessary to note, that formation of each pair ions is accompanied by formation of several quantum’s of the short-wave ultra-violet beams possessing high photochemical activity. If to add, that this ultra-violet radiation turns out inside of a fabric and should not overcome absorbing or reflecting layers of substance there is clear an essential value of this factor always accompanying ionization of substance.
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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