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The Weaken Radiator Line Set Gain Optimization


R.V. Lobov, V.P. Yakovlev

The hydroacoustic equidistant hydrophone line set with maximum gain for prescribe direction was discussed. The prescribe weight gain hydrophone was in given limits, while minimum was equal to Gertz dipole wight. The set directivity is the weight polynomial. The optimum gain and corresponding directive characteristics was expressed by orthogonal Bernstein-Szegö polynomials. For nearly orthogonal set directives the optimum gain was proportional to hydrophone numbers, and directivity was closed to uniform excite set directivity. The temperate superdirective set with distance between radiators equals to 0,2 of wavelengths calculations was illuminated the constant optimum gain for angle diapasons of ±60 from set normal.
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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