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Modern Hybrid-Integrated Autodyne Oscillators of Microwave and Millimeter Range and Their Applications. Research of Autodynes with Frequency Modulation


S.D. Votoropin, V.Ya. Noskov and S.M. Smolskiy

In this part of the review, the results of theoretical and experimental reseaches of autodyne oscillators with frequency modulation are given. As a main investigation object, the Gunn diode oscillators are considered including the hybrid integrated circuit oscillators of mm-range using the multifunction chip as an active element. The main relations for the autodyne response analysis and for determination of the parasitic amplitude modulation level at frequency modulation on the basis of arbitrary law as well as the sine, linear and square laws are discussed. The peculiarities of such autodyne self-oscillations in continuous wave mode are described; the ways of characteristic improvement and performance widening for the autodynes short-range radar systems are given.
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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