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The Excitation of Ideally Conducting Cylinder by Broadband Radio Impulses


© O.E. Popova, S.N. Razin'kov

On the basis of the solution spatial-tempal of existential Fredholm integral equations of the first kind excitation of an ideally conducting cylinder of the average radius with indefinitely thin walls broadband radio impulses with rectangular and Gauss bending around is investigated. The equations are received for currents of a lateral surface and flat end faces of the cylinder in view of azimuthal variations on a circle cross section. The analysis of dependences of the generalized radar cross section (RSC) of the cylinder from radius of its cross section, and also carrying frequency and duration of a stimulating signal is carried out. Laws of change of the given size are determined in comparison with the object of RCS irradiated with a monochromatic wave with frequency bearing. Qualitative concurrence of the received results to the characteristics of dispersion found with the use of the spatial-frequency equations for spectral making superficial currents is established.
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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